ART classes for  kids 4-9 years old.

This is a great age for Art Classes. The kids from 4 – 9 are not self-conscious yet about how their art work “should look.” They are very open to ideas and information. Learning how to draw and feeling confident about it will take them safely beyond the age where most of us decided “we do not know how to draw” or about 10 years old.
In this class, we have a good balance of drawing from imagination and drawing from observation. Drawing from imagination is very important at this age and teaching them a few art concepts that can be applied to their drawings will open their creativity and imagination. We teach drawing from observation and help students to “see” and notice details that will help them to translate it to paper.
We teach about painting in this class including the proper use of brushes, color mixing using watercolors and tempera paint and other mediums such as soft and oil pastels. This class builds confidence and individual creativity in a guided but fun artistic environment.

During the school year: Our weekly classes for children run from July to May. You can enroll any time if we have space in the class.  You do not need to wait for the beginning of the month to enroll (we will pro-rate tuition if that is the case).

The students will take advantage of our small teacher/ratio having a quality instruction while developing a love for art. If you do not find space in the class you want, please register in the waiting list, and we will contact you with some options.

We will provide all the art material for the art classes.

During Summers: Our schedule changes to open space for half-day Summer Camps in the mornings and afternoons as well as a reduced number of weekly classes.